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Christopher Brooks
is a Professor of Anthropology in the School of World Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He also holds a joint appointment in the Department of African American Studies. He has numerous publications focusing on the African continental and diasporan experience. He is an editor of the forthcoming African American Almanac 10th edition (Thomas Gale 2007) in which he has written several major sections including “Africa and the African Diaspora.” He has been a contributing writer to the African and African-American Religions and Religion and War volumes in the Religion and Society Series published by Routledge (2001 and 2003 respectively). He has a chapter celebrating the centennial of W.E.B Dubois’ landmark publication, The Souls of Black Folk 100 Years Later, entitled “The Souls of Black Folk: Can a Double-Consciousness Be Heard?” (University of Missouri Press 2003), where he examined the prophetic statement DuBois made about the crucial issue of the 20th century being the race question.

As a seasoned biographer, he has produced several book length manuscripts including I Never Walked Alone: The Autobiography of an American Singer (John Wiley 2003), and a forthcoming book, Follow Your Heart: Moving with the Giants of Jazz, Swing and Rhythm and Blues (University of Illinois Press 2008). He recently completed an edited book, Dangerous Intimacy: Ten African American Men with HIV. He is currently researching a book on the great African American tenor, Roland Hayes, tentatively entitled, Prepare Me One Body: Roland Hayes, Aframerica’s Tenor. Brooks has articles in several journals including American Anthropologist, The International Review of African American Art, The Literary Griot, Black Sacred Music, The International Journal of Black Oral and Literary Studies, African American Review, and The Encyclopedia of African American Folklore, among others.

As a Senior Fulbright Researcher, he examined women’s rights organizations and their response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He was also a Senior Research Fellow at the Southern African Research Institute for Policy Studies (SARIPS) in Harare, Zimbabwe (now called SAPES Trust). While there he also lectured part-time at Arrupe Jesuit College and the University of Zimbabwe. In July 2007, Brooks was in Kenya to evaluate a Christian Children’s Fund program which delivers services to HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable orphans (OVC).

Dr. Brooks has been a long-term volunteer at Deep Meadow Correctional Facility in Powhatan, Virginia. He assists the incarcerated population with literacy and writing issues and lectures to the inmates on anthropological topics.

Christopher Brooks is represented by Claudia Menza of the Menza/Barron Literary Agency in New York City.